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While our primary goal is to support private schools in their mission to help their students, we also take great pride in assisting parents and children find the school that best fits their needs. Find out more about what we offer families, our community, and our schools.

For Our Students and Parents

We’re dedicated to making sure each child receives the time, attention, and education he or she deserves. We help parents find the best school for their child—whether they’re looking for a religious-affiliated school or one that focuses on a specific educational or behavioral need. If you’re looking for a private school in the area, contact us, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

For Our Community

We hold events that allow our community members to get to know our schools and teachers. Our spring Parade of Schools in March showcases each of our schools in one location.

For Our Schools

As a membership-based cooperative organization, we provide support and direction to our schools. We all have a common belief and passion for educating our community’s youth. We regularly invite experts in learning disabilities, child development, and education to speak to our schools and provide other continuing education resources to our teachers. We also support our schools in their fundraising efforts, often collaborating to ensure each school’s success. We invite colleges to speak to our high schools so students can see the many options available to them. For information about how to become a member school, contact us.